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        Discover the differences between open versus closed adoptions, agency versus independent adoptions, and more.

        Find out basic legal information for prospective parents seeking to adopt an infant or child.

        Learn about factors affecting adoption eligibility, including the adoption of siblings and of foster children.

        Explore the typical adoption process step by step and anticipate the challenges and possible setbacks.

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        Popular Topics
        • International Adoptions
          ?International adoptions can be very complicated because so many different laws may apply. It’s important to be aware of the laws and restrictions that apply when adopting a child from overseas.
        • Open Adoptions
          ?In an open adoption, there is some degree of contact between birth and adoptive parents. How much contact and what kind of information is shared varies.
        • Stepparent Adoption
          ?If you adopt a stepchild, you gain the same parental rights and responsibilities as a biological parent.
        • Adoption by Non-Family Member
          While adoptions within families are most common, many people, who may not be directly related to a child, can and do adopt children into their own families.
        • Information for Biological Parents
          I?f you are considering giving a child up for adoption, it’s important to understand your state’s laws around consent, what it means to give up your parental rights, and the rights of biological parents through the adoption process.
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