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        Get legal status in the US based on your relationship to a US citizen or green card holder.


        Get legal status in the US based on working at a US company or doing business in the US.

        Gain the rights and benefits of full US citizenship, or find out if you are a citizen already.

        Defend your right to stay in the US when the federal government seeks to remove you.

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        Popular Topics沈魏抖音
        • 沈魏抖音 沈魏抖音Detention by ICE 沈魏抖音
          When removal proceedings are brought against a foreign national, immigration authorities may detain them in a designated facility or require them to pay a bond for their release.
        • 沈魏抖音 Green Cards 沈魏抖音
          Foreign nationals who have legal permanent resident status in the United States will get a green card, which comes with critical immigration benefits.
        • 沈魏抖音 Work Authorization 沈魏抖音
          To work in the United States, foreign nationals who are not green card holders must first get permission from the federal government.
        • 沈魏抖音 Immigrant Visas 沈魏抖音
          Foreign nationals who wish to live permanently in the United States must pursue an immigrant visa, which allows them to travel to the US and apply for lawful permanent resident status.
        • 沈魏抖音 Non-Immigrant Visas 沈魏抖音
          Foreign nationals must pursue a non-immigrant visa if they wish to enter the United States temporarily for a specific purpose, such as temporary work, education, or tourism.
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