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        US Law Schools by Statecba选秀

        Find information related to law schools in the United States sorted in alphabetical order by state.

        Other Resourcescba选秀

        We provide a list of resources related to pre-law, law schools, jobs, and employment information.

        Frequently Asked Questionscba选秀

        Applying to law school comes along with a lot of questions. Find below college students’ frequently asked questions related to choosing a law school.

        • cba选秀 How should college students prepare for law school? cba选秀
          Law schools attract students from a broad range of educational disciplines. While many students come from traditional majors, such as political science, english or philosophy, others arrive with art or science backgrounds.
        • cba选秀 What are the application requirements for law school? cba选秀
          Generally, law schools require applicants to submit an application for admission, college transcript, Law School Admission Test (LSAT) result, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and a resumé.
        • cba选秀 What are my chances of admission to a particular law school? cba选秀
          Law schools accredited by the American Bar Association are required to disclose their admission statistics. This includes their acceptance rate as well as the LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs for their first-year class at the 25th, 50th and 75th percentiles.
        • cba选秀 cba选秀How much does it cost to study law in the United States? cba选秀
          You can find the tuition and fees for attending law school at each school’s website. The Standard 509 Information Report that contains the ABA-Required Disclosures includes the resident and non-resident tuition, fees, and estimated living expenses.
        • cba选秀 What factors should a prospective student consider when choosing a law school? cba选秀
          Location. Selecting the location of a school can include personal and professional dimensions. You might want to attend school close to home so that you can control living expenses.
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